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Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer Risk

Hereditary cancer is caused by an inherited genetic mutation. Approximately, 10-15% of most cancers are due to inherited genetic mutations. In these families, it is typical to see a recurring pattern of cancer across two to three generations—like multiple individuals diagnosed with the same type of cancer(s) and individuals diagnosed with cancer much younger than average.

A mutation can greatly increase your risk for developing cancer. Mutations in the genes that increase risk for cancer are not that common, but when present they significantly increase the chances someone might develop cancer in his or her lifetime.

For example, a BRCA1 mutation can increase a woman’s chance of breast cancer up to 81% and ovarian cancer up to 54% by age 80.

Your provider may adjust your screening plan if you have a mutation.

Knowing that you have a mutation that increases your risk of developing cancer allows you and your healthcare provider to create a personalized screening plan, which increases the chance of early detection.

The Diagnostic Center for Women is partnering with Color to offer comprehensive genetic testing for 8 different types of cancer (Breast, Ovarian, Colon, Uterine, Melanoma, Stomach, Pancreatic and Prostate) to any person who is interested in learning if they have an increased risk for hereditary cancer.

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