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Breast Imaging & Services

The Diagnostic Center for Women offers a variety of Breast Imaging services using state of the art equipment. These services include screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasound and now Breast MRI. For continuity of care and for your convenience, we also offer breast biopsy services in the comfort of our Center. These include stereotactic core and ultrasound guided core biopsies, fine needle aspirations and cyst aspirations.

General Imaging

The Diagnostic Center for Women also offers a variety of general women’s health exams.

Bone densitometry screenings is the single most efficient procedure to detect osteoporosis, osteopenia (decreased bone mass) and evaluate overall bone loss risk. The Dual Energy X-ray Absortiometry (DEXA) scan uses low dose radiation and is fast and easy to perform. Our Center uses the latest technology in DEXA equipment. Early treatment helps prevent future bone fractures. The DEXA scan is also recommended for women who have already sustained a fracture and possess a greater risk for developing future osteoporosis.

Obstetrical Imaging & Services

Obstetrics (OB) / Gynecologic Ultrasonography
You and your baby’s health and well being come first at the Diagnostic Center for Women. We offer Obstetric Ultrasounds for routine, as well as high-risk pregnancies. The Ultrasound provides important information to your obstetrician during your pregnancy and allows parents-to-be to see their baby as it develops. In addition, the gender of the baby can usually be determined with this procedure. The Diagnostic Center for Women also offers Pelvic Ultrasounds for gynecological and fertility care. For further diagnostic testing needs, the Center also offers sonohysterograms, amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS).

The Importance of Sequential Screening
The sequential screening test combines measurements from two blood tests, a first trimester ultrasound to evaluate the nuchal translucency and other genetic factors to tell you more about your developing baby. Screening tests cannot definitively diagnose or rule out any specific condition, nor ensure the birth of a healthy baby, but they do provide you and your doctor with important information to help manage your pregnancy

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important resources that help discover new treatments for breast cancer and other diseases, as well as new ways to detect, diagnose, and reduce the risk of these diseases. The Diagnostic Center for Women is currently recruiting patients to participate in a clinical study to prove that Cryoablation is a treatment of Early Stage Breast Cancer.